Friday, May 16, 2008

My Page in Diane's Book

Diane wanted a theme of hearts (at least that's what I remember--maybe I dreamed it?) I wanted to do something floaty; decided to do experiment with some Angelina fibers that I had bought years ago and never done anything with. This is the result. Little heart sequins from my mom's stash are embedded in the layers of angeline fiber, a trapunto heart is quilted in. The word "create", bought from the scrapbook aisle at Michaels, is sewed on and additional hearts sewed on. The angelina fiber layer is attached to a layer of thin batting and quilted.
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to...

working on a page in Cheryl's book. I can't post a picture yet, but thought I'd share this Oops! moment.

I was using water soluble stabilizer to, well, stabilize some stitching on my page for Cheryl's book. I grabbed a wound bobbin of something white from my sewing machine tool box thingy and stitched away. Wasn't crazy about it, too bad, it worked well enough and I wasn't about to rip it out of this fragile thing that needed stabilizing. Went to wash away the water soluble stablizer, and all the stitching came out too! Turns out the bobbin I pulled out of the tool box thingy was... water soluble thread!! LOL! I don't remember what I used that for or when I wound it! I do know now what used to be in that little bag I found and threw away a couple days ago that was marked "water soluble." Anyway, I was able to redo the stitching with something I liked much better, so it all worked out!