Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lancaster show

Hello everyone. I ran away to the Lancaster,PA show on Saturday. It is a 2 3/4 hour drive for me from MD. I saw Cheryl's quilt and it was wonderful. The itty bitty sheep were my favorite part and the embroidery on the weeping willows. Cheryl, I am a huge fan.
I finished Pat's page and mailed it off to Ellen. I have a pic of it, but do not know how to transfer it from an email to this blog. I am so techno dumb. I received Jean's book. I will tackle it in a few days.
This is fun.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Book Has Arrived

Yay! I received Ellen's virgin book yesterday. I can't wait to get started. I have so many ideas floating around in my head.

Since I am a newbie to altered books, please share with me wether you are making a mini-quilt, just layering fabric or using paper. I could use some input.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Having Fun

I got Pat's book on Monday. I am trying to finish the page and send it off. It is so much fun. I did not know Shawna was out. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ducking out

Hi All
I am sorry but I am really not going to have time to be part of this. I thought I had the time but I haven't even been able to get a book to mail out to Cheryl. And now I am coming down with a cold on top of all the busyness. I apologize again for ducking out.


Friday, March 14, 2008

I Got Mine Today!

Hello altered book enthusiasts!! I got my book from Cheryl today. It took 4 days for it to arrive from Pennsylvania. Mail is soooo slow around here. I could've driven up to Cheryl's and picked it up in this amount of time. My mailman must really enjoy reading my stuff. Well, off to get some ideas together.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post Away

Cheryl asked about posting other stuff. Please! This will be our blog, I hope, long after the challenge is done and on to the next challenge. So, even people not participating in this challenge can post stuff.

To help, as posts start accumulating, if you remember (I don't always), put "altered book" in the label for posts that pertain to the current challenge. (The label box is below the main text box when posting.) That way, we can search and see all the altered book posts at one time if we want.

Also, there's a way to subscribe so that you are notified when there's a new post to the blog. I'll figure that out and let you know how to do that. That way, you don't have to keep checking....

I know if you are already using an RSS or news reader, you can add the blog to that. If that means nothing to you, never mind.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Willoway, A Folk Art Farm

Is it Ok to post stuff here other than our altered books? Please let me know if I have created a faux pas. But, here is the photo for the quilt Jan saw written up. The ribbon was from QuiltFest in NJ. The next stop is Lancaster. Anyone going to that?
Lynda - You should have received my book by now. Is April 1st the deadline to pass it along?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rayna's class

I've posted some pics from Rayna's soy wax batik class at my blog if you're interested!

Diane's page1 for Jo's book

I hope it's all right that I post Diane's photo of my page1. She couldn't do it from school. It's just a wonderful first page and, did I say I'm so excited about the whole project?

It's QSDS that I'm asking about! Who's taking what? I'm going to Montana in late July and don't know if I can justify 2 big vacations or not. I'll let you know soon.

Wow! Lots of stuff happening!

First, Jo, your page is fantastic! I'm more excited than ever. Does everyone know that they can click on the pictures and see a bigger version? Also, when adding an image, you can pick "small, medium or large" image size (it's on the right side of the window that opens when you click on the little photo icon on the posting tool bar, 3rd from the right on my version of the tool bar. The one 2d from the right is for video, don't use that unless you filmed yourself making the page, LOL!) Did you have over 20" of snow like the news said? Wow!

2d, Jan, Rayna's class was fantastic, you'll have a great time at QSDS! I LOVED the batiking. It's easy and fun and the screen printing is a blast too. I will post pictures later today to my blog and one pic here with a link to the others.

3d, congrats to Cheryl, woo-hoo for the ribbon. Is there a website you can send us to, Jan?

Last, yay for almost everyone getting on the blog. I feel like this is going to really help make us a little online fiber group. Thanks to Diane for kickstarting us!

A Page in My Book!

Jo, your page is great! I can't wait to see it up close and personal. I'll be camped out by the mailbox today waiting for my book. How fun is this!!

Really cool

Jo, this is amazing! The pop-up is great. You are right the page is very different from how it began.

Snooping around

I am reading about art journals, altered books, collage and surfing around. I see at the NJ Quilt Festival Cheryl Lynch won a ribbon! What gives Cheryl?
Is Pat participating in this journal challenge?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ok, I'm done with my first page!!!! I had so much fun that I couldn't stop. Here is what I was thinking. We were snowed in so this is what I saw. Trees, a bit of green evergreen trees, and my heart is in the middle. I LOVED making this. It was an engineering feat getting the tab figured out, how to get to the gidget that puts the POPUP up, but fun and challenging. I just finished a multimedia class so that's why there's SO MUCH stuff in it. I take classes on line. This is what happens to people in rural Ohio who are snowed in!!!

There are three words written on it; I'm not sure you can see what they say. You'll just have to wait until you see it in person. I'm not telling.

People drop out of classes towards the end of May so get on the waiting list and hope you get in. That's what I plan to do. What classes are other people taking?

Rayna Gillman class

Dear Betsy,
I am signed up for Rayna's class session I & II at QSDS. I was 8th on the wait list for that class you took over the weekend. Shut out. How was it? I am anxious to hear about it.
Is everyone having fun working on the books?

Jean--My book will go out today!

Sorry for the delay, but I'm going to buy it and send it today. (The weekend was taken up by a great workshop with Rayna Gillman on soy wax batik. I loved it! I'll post a pic of what we did AFTER I get my book mailed out today.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Waiting, waiting...

Ok. I am chomping at the mailbox. I visit there daily waiting for the book to come. I am so excited. We were in NY for the weekend and I was hoping it would be here by the time I got back. Pat, don'tcha love me?


After several failed attempts at getting a google account, I finally succeeded. I bought my book yesterday and will mail it out on Monday.
Thank you Jean for summarizing what we know to date.
I know Jean brought up the insurance thing. As far as I understand, at this point in time, we would only be reimbursed for our materials if a book was lost. I don't think it's worth spending the extra money each time we ship for that, but I will go along with the majority.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Huh? What is she DOing?

This is just the START of Lynda's first page. Believe me, it will end up quite differently. I'm snowed in and can't do anything but sew so this is what is happening so far. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Hi to all

I just signed in. I haven't read all the messages yet so I am a bit out of the loop. It is Arctic Winter Games here in Yellowknife so I will be out of the loop until after next Sunday! Then I will catch up.


Here is a photo of the cover of Lynda's book. I'm starting to collect "stuff" to put on my page!!!! I hope it's colorful and lively and and and.... Every page has a popup. SO much fun.

In the Beginning....

OK, here's the book Diane sent me for my blank slate. It's an exciting story of love and adventure. I'm disappointed, though, because the monkey mask was missing! May have to make my own. After I read it for an hour or two, I decided to scan it so people can see what the book looks like in its unaltered state (except I removed Diane's contact details to protect the, er, innocent?). It's about 6" square, with 6 hard pages including the covers, or 12 front and backs.... Can I pick any page or do we have to do them in order? Ooh, decisions, decisions!
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Yay!! We've got a blog!! by Lynda Poole Prioleau

I'm all set and signed in. Can't wait to post when I complete my first page.

Post by Jo Rice

I"m just messing around trying to figure out how to send a photo up to my blog entry but I think I've got it after seeing this page. Just click on the photo just above this and next to the check mark with ABC!

The Blog is Open (after one slight glitch)

OK, here we go! We are off and running with our blog. I can't wait to see what people are doing! I will probably throw books on the scanner and scan them in. We can also take pictures. My favorite tool for working with pictures is Picasa, free from Google. It also makes it really easy to post to a Blogger blog.