Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post Away

Cheryl asked about posting other stuff. Please! This will be our blog, I hope, long after the challenge is done and on to the next challenge. So, even people not participating in this challenge can post stuff.

To help, as posts start accumulating, if you remember (I don't always), put "altered book" in the label for posts that pertain to the current challenge. (The label box is below the main text box when posting.) That way, we can search and see all the altered book posts at one time if we want.

Also, there's a way to subscribe so that you are notified when there's a new post to the blog. I'll figure that out and let you know how to do that. That way, you don't have to keep checking....

I know if you are already using an RSS or news reader, you can add the blog to that. If that means nothing to you, never mind.

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Diane Segal said...

Thanks for posting the pic Jo's page.After close inspection I found a spelling mistake which I quickly fixed! Hopefully this message will finally appear and I can start to post with success! Diane