Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wow! Lots of stuff happening!

First, Jo, your page is fantastic! I'm more excited than ever. Does everyone know that they can click on the pictures and see a bigger version? Also, when adding an image, you can pick "small, medium or large" image size (it's on the right side of the window that opens when you click on the little photo icon on the posting tool bar, 3rd from the right on my version of the tool bar. The one 2d from the right is for video, don't use that unless you filmed yourself making the page, LOL!) Did you have over 20" of snow like the news said? Wow!

2d, Jan, Rayna's class was fantastic, you'll have a great time at QSDS! I LOVED the batiking. It's easy and fun and the screen printing is a blast too. I will post pictures later today to my blog and one pic here with a link to the others.

3d, congrats to Cheryl, woo-hoo for the ribbon. Is there a website you can send us to, Jan?

Last, yay for almost everyone getting on the blog. I feel like this is going to really help make us a little online fiber group. Thanks to Diane for kickstarting us!

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