Thursday, April 10, 2008

Betsy's Page in Jo's book

Here's the piece I did for Jo's book. I loved the shape of the page and the openings in the pages!
My page had two openings, so I made similar openings in the piece; when there's not white paper behind the page, you can see through to Diane's page! (Her first one!)
This is a variation on another mushroom quilt I did, and is much darker in real life than it appears here, though I did darken the photo some. I wish it was this bright in real life! There are beads & buttons, scrapbooking words and some trims and yarns I've accumulated, as well as some stitched sheer fabric in the background. I attached it to the background page using some industrial glue my husband bought for attaching insulating foam under the hood of his car. I decided if it was good enough for the Ferrari, it was good enough for my quilt. That baby is on there! Hope the rest of the book still opens, Jean!
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Jan said...

Wow Betsy! I am enjoying this page. I expect to see some fantastic creature peep out behind the magic woodland mushroom. The windows are so great. How did you create them? Did you cut a hole in the page? How did you finish the edges? Or did you? I can't wait to see these pages in person.